Monday, 29 April 2013

Ken White's Private View on Saturday Evening was a Great Success

Lots of people turned up, the Virgin red girl was on the floor painted onto a huge sheet of canvas; Ken seemed to spend quite a lot of time lying on the floor being photographed beside her. At the time it didn't seem quite the thing to do, now I wish I had a photo to show you here, I'll try and get a Facebook link to one.
I took photos of the evening before looking at the pictures when there were very few people around:
 And here's my walk around, photographing my favourites:
 Apologies for the light reflections, this is a print of a painting of the naked Beatles done in 1969, I love it.
 A painting done for the David Bowie poster, and there are copies of the original painting, in the exhibition which can be bought.
 This is a CD cover for the Swindon band XTC

 This is one of two plans measured out for Ken's mural.
 This is a painting done after a walk we went on with Ken and Jan from Aldbourne to Ramsbury and back again in February this year, the puddles really were this big.
 By the time I had been round and looked at the paintings, the room had begun to fill up.

There are 3 more days left to look at the exhibition at Artsite, 11am-4pm, it runs until 2nd of May
Do go and have a look.

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