Friday, 17 May 2013

Domestic Cherry Exhibition at Artsite until Saturday 18th of May


The events around this exhibition have been very successful, with last night's house party a sell out.
 I went in yesterday while preparations were underway for the evening of poetry, music and more.
Cheese and pineapple were being skewered by Lindsay and Hilda was checking the record player worked:

And on the walls, some great work, here is just a small sample:
'The Hooter' Ken White
 'Seal' Dee Levy
 'Outburst of Flower' Paula Sullivan

 'Big Red Tree' Super Extra
 'Big Red Tree' poem by Caroline Heaton

 'The Craft Mistress' Pei Lim

 'Shoes' Sally Taylor

 'This Glorious Land' song by PJ Harvey, artwork by Lynette Thomas, with a specially commissioned frame

'Coat No.3' Gillain Gray
And the latest addition to the Window Gallery exhibition is a piece by Gavin Salisbury, here's 'his' exhibition table, all but the birds by Tim Carroll:

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