Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The Erin Bardwell Collective at the Town Gardens

Last Sunday afternoon the weather was perfect for the Erin Bardwell Collective's session at the Bandstand in the Town Gardens. The band were excellent and enjoyed by a large number of people sitting amongst the beautiful gardens.
The Bandstand was surrounded by Magnolia stellata in full bloom and cherry trees to rival any display anywhere.
Have a look:
 The white Magnolias make stunning display, and below the Erin Bardwell Collective's banner.
To find out more about the band:http://www.myspace.com/theerinbardwellcollective

And on the way into the park, some lovely cherry trees.

 And right by the gate from Westlecot Road, Polyanthus and Forget me Nots
There are events in the Old Town Gardens every weekend until September including Bowl Concerts, links to follow.
It is very hard to believe that the Mela will not be held in the Town Gardens this year.

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