Saturday, 4 May 2013

May Window Gallery Exhibition with a Mermaid Theme

The Window Gallery opposite Artsite and under their 'wing' is a wonderful chance to show work; it's seen and enjoyed by many people passing by, and others who go along specifically to look at it. It has the advantage of being 'open' 24 hours a day and lit at night.
This month some of the work is inspired by mermaids; I ended up buying a glass topped table featuring a mermaid, and borrowed a JW Waterhouse print of a mermaid, and have been loaned a book on mermaids and on JW Waterhouse.
The overall effect is great I think:
 Two slightly different views of the window.
Thank you to all those who contributed to the May Window Gallery, it will remain in place until the 31st of May when we will have a social to promote SOS and a general get together starting at 7pm.
 Other window exhibitions include: The Community Gallery with work by Sheena Freeman
 And the Innovation Gallery with posters by Ken White dating back to 1975 or earlier.
 Aren't they fabulous?
 The photo below is of the window to the right of the Number 9 Gallery's door:

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