Thursday, 2 May 2013

Old Town Clean Up + on Sunday April 28th

Committee members of the Pipers Area Residents Association, PaRa, organised a greening and cleaning afternoon in the Newport Street area of Old Town. It started with the idea, originally suggested by Myra Hartshorne, that we get rid of the ivy and broken bottles from the 'flower bed' outside Tony Knowles Interior Design shop, and plant it up attractively.
This idea was extended to include outside the Co-op, the Steam Railway patch of gravel and the green area beneath the hoardings opposite Rose Earle's newsagents.
We were supported by the Old Town business group, our Ward Councillors, Cllr Nadine Watts, Cllr Rod Bluh, Cllr Brian Mattock, our MP Robert Buckland, PC Tim North, Localities lead Mark Walker and many other people who came along on Sunday afternoon to effect a real change in the area.
I'll show 'before 'and 'after' photos of the areaa.
Firstly the flower bed before being cleared:

 Below the bed after having the ivy removed and top soil added. Plants laid out in their planting positions.
 And now with the plants in the soil.
The photo below shows the area behind the bench:

 And 2 photos of the bench itself:
 Below people working on the area:
 Above the flower bed they found and the bench cleaned up.
The othe rarea by the Co-op was behind the bus stop, which had become an ashtray:

 And below a close up:

 It has been cleared and planted with brightly flowered annuals:

Bushes have also been trimmed:
Below is the 'before' and 'after' photo of the bed outside the Steam Railway, out of our control.

Finally the area below the hoarding 'before':
And after:
The plants are a bit small still.
For more on PaRa:

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