Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Sharcott Manor hosted a Rare Plant Fair on the 12th of May

The Rare Plant Fairs are a great day out if you like plants and gardens and give you a chance to learn so much from the growers. In addition to buying plants, there's always a chance to expand one's horticultural know;edge. This time I discovered the time to take root cuttings from Pelaronium ardens is October, stem cuttings can also be taken at this time when trying to neaten up the plant. My specimen looked dead after spending winter in the garage, I was almost pleased because I haven't had much success with it, but it is now looking leafy, so I'll give it the suggested treatment in October. Photos here:
Here are a couple of the stalls:

 A walk round the gardens revealed a gorgeous Rhodedendron:
 Here's the stream running through the garden to the pond:
 Camassias about to flower:
Below a lovely Clematis alpina in flower:
And at the front of the house, the Euphorbias were glorious
Here's a close up of one:
Below the Magnolias
 And in a greenhouse a Datura, now called something else flowering freely:
To find out about the next Rare Plant

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