Saturday, 22 June 2013

The Courts and Great Chalfield Manor are a Perfect Day Out

The Courts Garden in Holt near Melksham is a wonderfully well thought out garden with some very interesting species of plants, it has the bonus of a really good cafe on the site and good, reasonably priced plants from the garden for sale. If you chose the correct days, Great Chalfield Manor, a mile away on foot across fields is also a lovely place to visit, refreshments are DIY tea and coffee, so don't expect a feast there.
For more on the gardens visit the National Trust website:
Here's a sample of what both places have to offer:
 The plant above is luscious, large and appears in various places around the garden.
 Very forward examples above.
 Trained fruit trees look so good.
 The Courts Copper Beech has an amazing spread of branches and seems wider than it is tall.
 Above what looks like a Hawthorn is in fact a Cornus, detail of flowers below.

 Above one of the gorgeous long borders with a temple at the end.
 Grasses can be a bit plain, these were spectacular, above detail of the flowers and below the overall appearance:

 The labels this year were lovely, take a decent twig, slice a sliver off, write the name of the plant and varnish it.In this case Clematis integrifolia was a lovely plant. shown below.

 Above the back of Great Chalfield Manor
 Above and below, paving with plants growing between the cracks looks very good.

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