Thursday, 11 July 2013

Bath Society of Artists 108th Annual Exhibition Opening Night

This was held on Friday 5th July 6-8pm at Victoria Art Gallery, Pulteney Bridge, Bath, BA2 4AT
The exhibition runs until 31 August, opening times and more details on the website:
To commemorate David Inshaw's 70th birthday, Bath Society of Artists had borrowed The Badminton Game from the Tate; a detail of it is featured on the invitations and it can be viewed as part of the exhibition.
There are also quite a number of giclee prints by David Inshaw for sale.
This years poster advertising the event features a striking lino cut by Mo Lancaster entitled 'Ascot Ladies'

The evening was hot and sultry and there were a large number of people trying to look at the work on the walls and sculptures.
The following photos give an idea of the scrum:

And then just as I was wondering who on earht all these people were, I saw some familiar faces:
Susan Carr and Terry Humphreys in the white shirt, previous participants in SOS..
And Bev Greig and Paul Exton both taking part in SOS this year.
 Bev Greig's painting is in the middle of those above, and Tim Carroll's is below
 Terry's painting of Bath Station is below:

 And Patrick Jordan's sculpture:

 2 general views of the show

And finally when we escaped, sandwiches beside the weir:

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