Saturday, 27 July 2013

Children of the Universe Exhibition at Artsite

I should have attended the Private View of this exhibition at Artsite on the 19th of July and then could have publicised this interesting exhibition which grew on me as I walked round and looked at the pictures from various angles.
All I can do now is to show the photographs and give you a link to the artist, Peter Cowdy via his  blog, because the exhibition has now been taken down.
 From left to right, 'Bubble Wave' acrylic on canvas applied with a cigarette filter, in the middle 'Fractal Cubes' applied with a brush and cigarette filter, and on the right 'Hidden Moon'
 This striking collage above was made to fill a wall space and is really striking.
 Above '7spheres for 7 circles' and 'Sharing Space in 4D'
 'Tetracube' with a close up below, and 'Antahkaranas'
 And below here is Peter curating the exhibition.
 Below is his piece about himself:
 I'm hoping Peter will consider taking part in Open Studios next year, so we may see him again.
His blog is:
For more information about Artsite's events:

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