Saturday, 20 July 2013

Heatwave Garden Tour

This was to be a 3 day garden tour, it did take place, but it was a challenge to keep going in 30 degree temperatures.
Day 1 was a trip to two ngs gardens open unusually on a Monday. The first one, 25, Bowling Green Lane in Cirencester, GL7 2HD opens about 8 times each year during June and July, is a large suburban garden with many clematis and rose covered arches and hemerocallis at ground level. It is well worth a visit next year, we were there on the last day of opening in 2013. The second garden was designer and writer, Mary Keen's garden at the Old Rectory in Duntisbourne Rous, GL7 7AP.

The setting is magnificent, her placing of plants very pleasing:

 and her geranium ladder so exquisite, here's the rose covered outside:
 And a close up of the interior:

And lastly, the garden furniture very tasteful:

For gardens open this weekend: the nearest to Swindon is TWIGS on Sunday 21st July.
Day 2 was a trip to Special Plants for a talk by Derry Watkins on Salvias followed by a run around the garden behind Derry showing us her collection of Salvias. I think the secret is to keep cutting back and filling in with more palnts as the season progresses for a colourful look.
Here's what's looking good in Derry's garden:
 Above a bush with blue trumpet like flowers.
 Above a general view of a border and below an iron sculpture looking good among a gravel border.
 And below a close up of the structure.

Above some bright red Morning Glory plants growing up a wigwam structure, and below sweet peas climbing up another sort of structure.

 And a walk through the woods revealed an enormous horse chestnut tree, Aesculus hippocastanum.
 More at:
From Special Plants, we drove a couple of miles in the direction of the M4 to Dyrham Park. The walk form the car park through deer grazed pastures is easy and relaxed unless it's 30 degrees. A statue of Neptune stands on the hillside and below the house

 nestling in the rolling countryside.

Day 3 would have been a visit to the Lavender Nursery near Newark Park, but it was closed on Wednesday, so a visit to their website is all we
Instead we visited Rodmarton Manor via Tetbury
 These two photos show the wonderful tub placed outside the toilets. Shopkeepers can buy hanging baskets from the council at £40 a basket.

We looked round the Arts and Crafts house and onto the gardens shown below.

 The photo above shows a display of Agapanthus around a central planter
 A view of the long borders and below the Achillea like plant spotted in Avebury Manor gardens last year.

 Above examples of the trimmed box.
 And here the stone trough area.
 One of the lovely seating areas beside the house and below a lovely plant arrangement.
It's well worth a visit, open Wednesdays and Saturdays in the summer from 2-5pm.

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