Sunday, 7 July 2013

Shrivenham Road Allotments get Cleaned Up by the Council

The council spent a week removing rubbish and sheds from unused, previously unlettable allotments, the results are startling and needed to be photographed. Well done to the council, and particularly Mark Jennings who normally gets lots of flack from plot holders and those on the waiting list.
The site now looks so much better, and there is a chance we can reach the target of having all plots not only let but cultivated. There is a noticeably increased number of people regularly tending their plots and spirits are high despite record diffculties in growing anything this year.
It was too cold, then too dry, now too hot and dry..
Anyway here are a few photos taken recently:
 Donna looking happy on her beautifully tended plot.
The half plot next to Donna is still a  field, but Renee who she shares the plot with, has made it into a lawn and it's now a useful play and barbecue area.
And here's another superb plot above.
Below an example of a plot that has been cleared by the council and is awaiting cultivation.

And more cleared plots:
 They may look bleak and untidy, but at least they have been cleared of debris

 The triangular plot above had 2 sheds, three massive compost bins and a bath on it.

 Number 63 below is a beautifully tended and loved plot with a clear painted number on the shed, sadly number 62 is not, the new tenant has been seen once but done nothing so far.

 Number 83 despite having a clear sign on it has been left this year as can be seen below from the poppies and tall grasses.
 And below, a plot with Sweet Williams on it; flowers can make a welcome change from greenery.
 And the personalised touch looks so good as at number 60:

There are spaces on this glorious site and many others in Swindon.

Please visit:
if you are interested in applying for an allotment.


  1. I'm 5th on the waiting list for a plot on this site. Hoping to hear in new year if not sooner :)

  2. Yes hope so, a lovely site. Try emailing to see how the waiting list is getting on