Thursday, 11 July 2013

The First Swindon Advertiser Article about SOS 2013

In Tuesday's Swindon Advertiser, we were thrilled to see that Barry Leighton had given us a middle  page spread to advertise this year's Swindon Open Studios with the title:
 'Showcase for Artistic Talent - this year's Swindon Open Studios arts extravaganza promises to be a big success'
He printed the following photos, and wrote an excellent piece about the diversity of SOS.
 Above Charly Fox's garden sculptures
 Pei Pei Lim's work
 Bardwell and Baskerville's costumery above
Tim Carroll's 'Town Centre'
and below Jane Milner-Barry's 'The Town Gardens in Spring'
And lastly, the largest space was given to newcomer to SOS, Rachel Pryor's 'The Road to Rockley'
Here are the scanned pages:
A link to the article can be found below:

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