Thursday, 18 July 2013

UB 40 frontman Ali Campbell at the Bowl

It didn't matter what the weather was going to be like, I bought my ticket to see Ali Campbell a month ago, and just as well since the tickets sold out.
The Bowl in the Old Town Gardens in Swindon is such a gorgeous place, it's a perfect small outdoor theatre venue. I took some photos of the empty stage one day:

The gates were locked so we couldn't get in, but had a look at the turn styles which have a fascinating foot operated pedal to allow people through one at a time.The mechanism is so cleverly constructed.
Above is the turn style, you can just see the operator would stand on the right hand side and depress a circular lever with their foot to allow the turn style to make one 90 degree turn.
Close up below:
Last Saturday night all thoughts of operating mechanisms were forgotten as Ali Campbell's familiar, so distinctive voice reminded us of days gone by; we could have been on a tropical island.
To buy tickets for the next Bowl concert:
or visit or ring the Arts Centre box office on 01793 614837

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