Sunday, 11 August 2013

Alan Henson's Cotswold Farm Park at Guiting Power and Lavender Fields - What an Excellent Day Out.

The Cotswold  Farm Park near Guiting Power provides entertainment for all ages, there are small animals indoors, and many paddocks outside where you can feed rather boisterous goats down a tube to more relaxed and friendly goats which will eat from your hand and take your coat as well.
The first goats literally locked horns and seemed unable to free themselves within 5 minutes of our arrival; there were donkey foals and Exmoor foals and cattle with white stripes down their backs, and lots of information about the breeds.
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From there, it's just a short distance to the Cotswold Lavender Farm at  Snowshill, you can smell it from at least half a mile away. The lavender is being cut, and 'past it's best', so you can walk round the fields free of charge and see the lavender distillery. Walking between rows of lavender covered in bees and butterflies make it worth seeking out the place. For maps etc:
Here is a photo taken among the lavender:


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