Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Colours in the Garden

Having just read Dan Pearson's page in the Observer last Sunday The future's orange where he set out to brighten up his garden by planting lots of orange flowered plants, I was impressed by his approach, we all have reasons for using the plants we do. I tend to haphazardly use plants I like ending up with a bit of a clash of colours, although maybe flower colours can sit side by side without jarring too much.
Each season has a dominant colour, and I think this end of summer time has a large number of ornage and yellow flowered plants.
I went to test this in my garden, having been influenced last autumn by a garden tour of the area around Great Dixter, I found quite a few oranges including Tagetes 'Cinnabar' mentioned by Dan:
 And a lovely orangy red dahlia with dark red leaves:
This glorious annual Rudbeckia which was self sown and came from home made compost:
And I knew it was a good idea to buy Rudbeckia fulgida last year, it's looking wonderful:
On the other hand, there are also the most amazingly deep blue Ipomoeas near an arch and growing over a lovely structure bought from the Kingston Bagpuize  Rare Plant fair this summer:

 The flowers are only open until mid day, hence the name Morning Glory, and each one only opens once, so it's fun to see how many are open each morning,

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