Sunday, 4 August 2013

Dan Pearson's Wonderful Description of Pelargonium tomentosum

It's good to find something you would recommend being advocated in the Sunday paper; arguably Dan Pearson is one of the best gardening writers the Observer have employed, his double page spread in the colour supplement makes the paper worth buying.
He was spot on in today's Observer colour supplement on page 25, with his recommendation of an 'Ultimate Bloom' for an 'Ultimate Summer', with Pelargonium tomentosum which he describes as 'Soft, cool and minty, the perfume is liberated when you fondle the leaves which are downy as baby rabbit fur' Dan's columns
Here's the photo I took when I first bought it from Special Plants Nursery

 With the blackcurrants almost picked, it seemed like a good time to take cuttings from the blackcurrant bushes, I'm hoping to root them before the plant sale for the resident's assocation on the 29th of September, more details soon on the Pipers Area Residents Association website

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