Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Visits to Derek Gale and Pat Elmore to Deliver Brochures - Their Delightful Studios are a Must for Visitors to Open Studios

Derek Gale lives at 7, Eagle Lane in Watchfield, I visited him to deliver brochures, and would encourage visitors to Open Studios to go to Watchfield on the way to Longcot.
Watchfield can be reached by turning right off the A420, driving through Shrivenham and turning left into Watchfield High Street, Eagle Lane is about half a mile down the High Street on the left, with the wonderful looking Eagle Pub signed from the High Street.
Alternatively and more safely, drive on further to the next roundabout and take the third turning to Watchfield, High Street is now on your right.Parking on the High Street is essential, not on Eagle Lane because it's very small. Derek's website
The number 66 bus will drop you at the road end.
Here's a photo of Derek's studios at the entrance to the garden:

In addition to visiting Derek's garden studio and enjoying his fine art photography, there's  his garden to enjoy, and possibly cakes:
 A shrubby start, and then it opens out, and there's a natural looking pond at the bottom of the garden
 Here's the pond:

And the Eagle pub:
 And the interesting looking village shop.
From Watchfield, it's a short distance to Longcot and Pat Elmore's studios, workshops and gardens.
Pat's website
 Here's a taste of what you will see when visiting Pat, above the outside of her house, and below one of her sculptures:
 Below a work in progress:
 The workshop:
 Below part of the garden with various sculptures:

 Above the torso inspired by one of Pat's daughters, and below some beans looking so good.
There are more sculptures a mile down the road in Sharon Rich's garden where the best views of the Uffington White horse are to be had, and there are free range hens and eggs for sale.

And the King and Queen pub at Longcot is under new management and apparently very good.

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