Monday, 30 September 2013

A Day Out in Oxford to see the Francis Bacon and Henry Moore Exhibition, Flesh and Bone, at the Ashmolean

At last an exhibition you didn't have to book in advance, where you could look without being barged out of the way.
From Swindon, it's bus ride away on the number 66 bus, and with it running half hourly during the day, and the last bus at 23.23, it couldn't be more convenient.
The Ashmolean is about 5 minutes away from the bus station, with the added benefit last Thursday of the open air market, although this will be different in some way from now on that I failed to grasp.
Here is the Ashmolean with it's Bacon/Moore banners and posters outside:

 There was no photography allowed inside the exhibition because most of the works are on loan.
Looking around the rest of the Ashmolean afterwards, I took photos of some of my favourite Iznik pottery patterns:
 Above a plate, and below some large tiles:
 Below more tiles
 And a plate, which although it has reflections from the glass cabinet spoiling the colours, you can see the familiar carnation flowers so often used on the pottery.
For more information on the
From the Ashmolean, it's only a short stroll to the Pitt Rivers Museum, well worth visiting to see the marvellous collections of animals and fossils,and in the basement, the collection made by Pitt Rivers himself on his many forays.
 I like both of these photos of the outside of the magnificent building, the light is better on the one above, and obviously below, the whole building has been included.
And inside:
 Above a sperm whale's tooth necklace, and below a case containing a collection of ropes, string and netting:
 And below a fabulous totem pole
The Pitt Rivers website gives much more information on this not to be missed experience.

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