Monday, 30 September 2013

A Visit to Kerry McKenna and Prospect Artists

In the week after Open Studios, I visited Kerry McKenna in Studley Grange Craft Village in Hay Lane, it's behind Blooms Garden Centre, and a revelation, there is so much to see there. If like me you hadn't been, it's certainly worth a trip out there. I also met Nigel Ferris who took part in SOS several years ago, I bought a T shirt depicting one of his smoke designs on the front in black and blue, it looked better on him than mine does on me.
But back to Kerry. Kerry paints on slate and other things like violins, and anything customers request, she is prolific; her unit is packed with examples of her work:
 Here's a painted violin:
 A waterfall surrounded by painted slates and giving a relaxing atmosphere in the shop:
 Close up of a painting:
 And below, Kerry at work:
Kerry's website gives more information.
From there I went to meet up with Susie Carr, art therapist at Prospect Hospice who gives such confidence and inspiration to her clients.
Here are examples of work on the walls:
 In a room adjoining the studio.

 'Watching the Surf' by Colin Moss
 Above and below work in corridors
For more on Prospect Hospice, , they are inspirational.


  1. Hi Linda,
    Thanks for sharing all these visits you made to the various studios. I was at the central library both weekends so could not go around as much as I wanted to.
    Take care,

  2. Thank you you for this comment Carmen, it's good to know you have enjoyed my tour of SOS 2013. I still have the Arts Centre post to put up and then will move on to the present day.