Friday, 27 September 2013

A Visit to Toby Robson's House

I have often walked past Toby's house on Prospect Hill, just up from the Beehive, seen his metal sculptures either side of the small passage to the front door and wondered what treasures there are to be found inside the house. I was really pleased he opened for SOS this year, although I had to wait until the actual weekend to glimpse inside, I wasn't allowed a preview!

Above 2 views of an aluminium sculpture of a sort of snail and below maybe an iron one of a sort of backbone and ribs:
 Is this one wrong way round?

 And here's Toby with a sort of wind up bird, did he make it? The trouble with trying to take photos is that you can't listen properly to what's going on.

And lastly a sort of heavy woodlouse, more at:

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