Friday, 27 September 2013

Artists Taking Part in SOS around and in Artsite

Some Artsite studio members  gave tours of their studios and others ran workshops over the weekends, here's what we saw in the transformed former Post Office:
 Above and below, Paula Sullivan's studio:

 Above Vicky Silver's studio
 Here's Heather Dash's studio above:
 And below Sue Wigmore running a workshop with glass:
From the main building, we went across to the former Oxfam bookshop where we found Martin King who showed us his studio and some of his recent paintings:
 Below here's a fascinating view into Sally Taylor's studio through a hole cut in the wall to give Sally more light.
In the window of this former shop, known as the Community Gallery, Carole Humphreys and the Booth House Art Group
 Despite the reflections, I think you can see that Carole had a flower and Ophelia theme, with some amazing fish which I didn't notice before. I don't have any photos of Booth House work here, but examples of past work appear on their website.
Tom Harris had an exhibition of his work in the Number 9 Gallery, and was busy painting during the weekends:
 Here's his poster and below Tom with his latest painting

 Above and below more of Tom's paintings featuring beaches and the sea.
Last but not least, the Saturday drawing group were busy downstairs:
 Declan and Chris chatting above, and below, Christine working hard.
More information on these workshops can be found on the Artsite website, click on 'experimental drawing hub'.

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