Friday, 13 September 2013

Brilliant Coverage of Pei's Work in the Western Daily Press

Against her better judgement, Pei joined Swindon Open Studios for the first time this year, and is showing her pictures in the Wyvern lower bar, usually reached by hopping over the rope across the access to the bar.
I had just photographed the great exhibition down there on Wednesday 11th September, and went into Artsite where Vicky Silver who buys the Western Daily Press frequently was thrilled to show me a photo of Pei's work hanging in the Artsite Gallery at the moment.
Here's a photo of the painting, with information about SOS below:

Here's their website:

More of Pei's paintings will be at the Wyvern Theatre's lower bar on Saturday 14th of September:

 Above you can see them on either side of Kimmy Thomson's work and below on their own.

Two more of Kimmy's paintings:

 And David H Jones is also exhibiting in the space:
 The ceramic pieces in between David's work belong to Kimmy.
Kimmy's website
Pei's website

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