Sunday, 8 September 2013

The Launch of SOS on Friday 6th of September at Artsite was brilliant.

The Launch at Artsite on Friday night was perfect, there were masses of people there, artists taking part and others interested in Swindon Open Studios.
Thank you to all who came along and made it a night to remember.
 There are some fabulous photos taken by Vicky Silver on the Artsite Facebook page.
If you click on that link, and then on the Facebook icon on their website, it will take you  to their Facebook page.
I have now downloaded and resized my photos of the evening on the old computer, named 'Chugger' for obvious reasons.

 Here's Bea Menier standing out of the way of her gloriously arranged table of food. Our brochure cover had a red theme, and so did the tablecloth, napkins and the salady food.
 Here's a close up of the food above:
 These events are really about talking to each other, so here are a few photos of people doing that. Above Kimmy Thomson, Venue 2, and Maggie Harris, venue 19, with John Maskanliec's sculpture, venue 22, in the background.
 Above Hilary Sinclair, venue 17,with daughter eating masses of food, the daughter that is, Paul Exton is in the background just in front of the fine banner with Sophie Corrigan's Edrice's Butterfly on it. Sophie's work can be seen in the Beehive for the whole of September.
Tony also wrote a poem and read it out, much to the delight of those assembled.
Roger Wintle also took many photographs of the evening, but I'm unsure how we can see more than the one posted on Twitter.
Thank you once again to Artsite for hosting the Launch and to all those who came and made it such a wonderful evening.

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