Saturday, 28 September 2013

Last Visit of the Day to Rachel Pryor in Wichelstowe

I arrived at Rachel's house about 7pm, and was warmly welcomed in to take photos.
Rachel has recently moved to Wichelstowe from Plymouth and took part in SOS for the first time this year, concerned that people would not visit Wichelstowe and not be able to find her house, her signage from the road was excellent, and there was no doubt when you reached the house:
Brilliant signage, we could learn a lot from Rachel's approach
And at the front of the house:
Once inside, the living room was taken over with display boards:
And a painting on the 'go' in the studio:

The studio is a cleverly converted garage:

And back inside again:
 Above a painting which I liked and below more paintings in the kitchen including the landscape used in the brochure:
Rachel was exhibiting with friend Jo Clavier.

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