Saturday, 28 September 2013

Onto John Masckalaniec's studio and then Longcot via Watchfield

Was this a race? Attempting to see all the people taking part in SOS in one day felt like a bit of a mission, but when  I realised that it's all about stopping to talk and enjoying the surroundings, I relaxed and decided to try and get round as many people as I could, but I might not see everyone. I needed everyone's phone number so I could ring ahead and ask if it would be OK to turn up after the advertised closing time; the brochure fell down in this respect, although when busy, no one would stop to answer the phone during 'opening hours', but it would have been good to ask about out of hours visiting.
So John's studios was first of this group, he made us very welcome with a cup of tea and a seat in his studio while he talked about his working methods and preferred style of painting which is quite intense:
But he also wanted to show he could paint intricate and delicate subjects:
And this is half way between maybe?
From there, we visited and thoroughly enjoyed Derek Gale's studio in Watchfield, and afterwards sampled the cakes suggested in the brochure, and they were good. Derek was keen that I didn't take photographs, I remember now that he's sent me a 360 degree photograph of his studio which I'll upload soon.
From Watchfield we arrived in Longcot after hours, by this time Pat Elmore was no where to be seen, so we hoped it would be alright to take photographs. If you haven't been to visit Pat yet, I would thoroughly recommend you do so when the opportunity arises, the gardens, workshops and sculptures are amazing.
 Sculptures above and vegetables below:

We also went and photographed inside her studio:

Above 2 of Pat's gorgeous torsos, and also work by Franc Murphy was on display:
 A sea painting above and below a bronze resin sculpture 'Jaded Fool'

There was also a beautiful  mirror made  by Franc's wife:
 And so on to Sharon Rich's garden where we bought all of her eggs and looked at the view of the Uffington White horse before looking at her sculptures at the same time as her cat:
 Swans above, a rabbit below
 And a bleached out dolphin, much better in real life.
There might be time for one more visit before going home, but with no phone number in the brochure, I had to turn up and see if I was welcome.

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