Friday, 27 September 2013

Photos Showing SOS People in the Central Library

Good news, I have now, after a month without it, got my 'new' laptop back, mended and complete with original software and 'as good as new'. I'm hoping now to make more rapid progress with uploading compressed photos of this years Open Studios so that I can feature other things as well.
So let's look at people taking part in the Central Library, starting with Rachel Coyle in the drum in the entrance with melted glass jewellery, dishes and plaques:
 Below there are dishes, pendants and earrings, I bought some lovely red ones.
 And below a gorgeous plaque:
 Next Gavin Salisbury with his fascinating surreal miniatures
 I would like to buy the toilet to add to my collection.

 Above and below Bea Menier with 100 Expressions of the Sea, using largely beach combed objects
 And for the first time Sue Bardwell took part in SOS featuring 'a fusion of make-up, photography and art'.
 Great images.

 Above Nepalese hand made cards, books, boxes, bags being sold to raise money for Rosa and Ian Matheson's orphanage project in Nepal.
Caremn B Norris, Benoit Philippe and Margaret Sadler were in the corridor leading off from the library, they have already been featured on the blog, and I have included a photo of Margaret below
 And Benoit painting, more about this on his blog
 Once again thank you very much to Colin Curtis for smoothing the way for all those who were involved with SOS in the Central Library. Lots of events are held in the library, I'll find a link to reveal .more

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