Friday, 20 September 2013

Sophie Corrigan's Beehive Exhibition is a Good Reason, apart from all the others to go there.

It's great to see Sophie's work on the Beehive's exhibition wall.Sophie has been joined by Lynette Thomas this year as well, their work seems to be selling fast, so do try and get to the Beehive before the end of September.
This is a photo of the main wall:
 And the wall to the left of the window:
 And is this Edrica's butterfly we used for our banners?
Yes, that's a much better photo, and below, there's the banner with the butterfly on it.
Just up the hill from the Beehive, Toby Robson opened up his house to show us some of his work and revealed some of his secrets of production. Have a look at his website:

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