Monday, 30 September 2013

Visiting Venues 12, 13 and 14 - Ken White and Andrew Tucker in the Mall, and Nicky and Lucy Foakes in Goddard Avenue

Early on Sunday morning I went round to photograph this Old Town studios cluster, it was a bit of a rush, but all three venues gave an impressive show.
Firstly Andrew Tucker's woodworking and intruiging garden, there's something to look at wherever you look. Firstly the table display of useful and unusual wooden things:
 Next in the room overlooking the patio, a range of stools and a log basket, I couldn't resist the stool in the centre of the picture, it is a very useful addition to the table and log basket I already own.
 Down the garden, there's a pole lathe
 and further on down the end of the garden, a beautifully trained grape vine and more wood stores.
From there, diagonally across the road int he direction of Okus Road, Ken White was already deep in conversation with a visitor, so I took a few photos, of Ken talking:
 The latest piece of work:
 And some other paintings:
 More on Ken and his work
From there, I went on to Nicky and Lucy Foakes, exhibiting together for the first time in Goddard Avenue. Lucy has a studio in a building in the garden, and a large kiln in the garage.
I didn't know much about Lucy Foakes' work, but have recently found out more by coincidentally coming across her in 'The New Ceramics Sculpting and Hand Building' by Claire Loder.
Her canopic jars start with an intensive research period focusing on her subject, who often are famous and deceased, for example Amy Winehouse and Elvis Presley, she then sketches relevant parts of their lives for use on the jars. The result is 'an irreverent mix of death, ancient Egypt and present-day celebrity culture'.
Here are some of the canopic jars:
 And more here:
 Lucy sitting in her studio beside more canopic jars:
 And a close up of the jars:
Also Lucy in the house with quite a few visitors around:
 Nicky Foakes in the centre ready to talk about her work:
 The Foakes' refreshments were of the highest standard seen anywhere, in their variety and decorativeness, here's one of the cakes:
 And last but not least, one of Nicky's mosaic mirrors:
More on Lucy's work at: where you can also find out about her coke cans which I haven't mentioned.

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