Saturday, 28 September 2013

Visits to the Olive Tree Cafe, Charly Fox and Ingrid Rylance's studio

After visiting Toby Robson, we visited the Olive Tree cafe at the Manor Garden Centre for lunch, and looked at some of the things made by TWIGS crafts people, and were very tempted by some lovely bags:
And impressed by the postcard advertising Contemporary Arts and Crafts with a gorgeous poppy seed head made of metal which is according to Ann Billingham who runs the organisation somewhere in one of TWIGS' gardens.
Fortified by lunch, we went over to Lower Stratton where Charly Fox has a very interesting garden with sculptures made from engineering parts, here are a few examples:

Aren't they great? There was also a pond and crocodile with interesting features.
From there we went to visit Ingrid Rylance in her studio. Ingrid is an animal communicator and particularly focuses on particular aspects of animals she likes in her paintings, for example the eyes of camels, or in this case zebras:

I will include the peacock despite the reflections:
Ingrid also showed us her wands and invited us to pick up any we were attracted towards:
Ingrid is also a Reiki Master practioner and psychic and runs courses, details of which are on her website

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