Saturday, 26 October 2013

A Visit to Stroud's Museum in the Park and Lunch at the Butcher's Arms in Sheepscombe

On another of those last days of summer/autumn that we have had so many of recently, we set off on the train to Stroud, from Swindon, it takes less than half an hour. From the station the intention was to find the footpath heading north, for a transition town, it seems unusual that Stroud does not publicise its footpaths at all. Beside a modern ram sculpture

 there was however a map that mentioned the Museum in the Park, and since the OS map I had showed a 'M' sign near where we wanted to walk, we attempted to find the Museum.
It's in a fabulous setting beside a fabulous Cedar of Lebanon:
 The Museum is in here with a new part attached shown below the main building.
And on the side of the house there's a great sign:
Inside the museum is carefully arranged with great displays:
An old fireplace with masses of things on the mantlepiece:
And the strangest watering cans:
Above tools found in the area.
There are two galleries, one featured work by Matthew Harris entitled 'Material Matters':

More on Matthew's
There was also a large piece in the foyer area loaned by Nick Cudworth:
After an hour and a half of pleasant distractions and walking in totally the wrong direction, we set off for Sheepscombe, a beautiful village, approached on this occasion from a wood. We could see the church and the pub before we descended from the wood:

And arriving at the Butcher's Arms before 2.30pm, we were able to have lunch as well.

The route back was through Painswick and the route through Painswick valley in glorious sunshine.

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