Saturday, 26 October 2013

Apple Juicing Event in the Secret Garden at Queen's Park

Last Sunday SCAN, Swindon Climate Action Network, and SALGA
Swindon Allotment and Garden Association held a joint juicing event in Queen's Park's Secret Garden. It was a well run event and really good fun, I'll make an effort to publicise any future juicing events. On arrival, everyone was given a board and a knife to cut the fruit into quarters after washing it if that hadn't already been done. I sat opposite someone I used to teach who was there with his son, it was a great opportunity to meet others over a bit of chopping and slicing:
After being chopped, the fruit it put into a scratter which grinds it to a pulp
 The pears I took are shown below after being in the scratter.
 They were now ready to go into the press which is lined with hessian
 Now the lid is placed on the scratted fruit
 And the jug put in place to collect pear juice which is squeezed out of the fruit by turning a handle to squash the fruit as shown below:
From 3 buckets of pears, approximately 10 pints of delicious pear juice was extracted, the remaining pulp was given to Vowles Farm to feed to their pigs. Even with the juice removed, the pulp tasted really good.

 Exchanging jugs and a jugful of pear juice:
Refreshments were provided by Vowley Farm, they can just be seen beyond the green and white gazebo, they produce all their meat organically
Here's their banner:

The last time I looked through the gate at the Secret Garden was about 3 years ago when there was very little remaining of the former rose garden. At that time, Paul Dixon and others were appealing for people to help them develop a community garden on the site. A few years down the line, it's looking really good, with a vegetable garden, a pond, a wet area, some flower beds like this one made form railway sleepers in an interesting way:
There were some lovely flowers like this Dahlia:
To find out more about the Secret garden, visit:

The pear juice is still as tasty as the day it was squeezed after 6 days in the fridge.

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