Saturday, 19 October 2013

Earth People- Exhibition by the Swines at Artsite October 12th-18th

This exhibition has been at Artsite all this week, and is now over, I can't advertise it, but can say it looked good and show you a few photos of the gallery.
The Swines have already exhibited very successfully in the Brunel Centre in a pop up shop, more details of that and the Swines can be found on Josh Fitzwilliams' website
Here's a copy of their poster:

 A piece above by Gavin Jones called 'The Widow and the Crimson Web'
Above one of Josh Fitzwilliams' pieces
And below more of his work:

 This is a close up of limited prints by Ashley Adams, this one is 'Distance'
And below more of their prints

 And these photos were on the other side of the gallery:
 And below a piece by Peter Cowdy who recently had a solo exhibition in the Gallery, and painted the cafe chimney just outside Artsite
 Looking at the piece above, I can see lots more than the original glimpse at the image suggested.

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