Friday, 4 October 2013

'Traces', an exhibition at 44AD

I was on holiday when the Swindon Massive hired the space known as 44AD in Bath, so when friend Lorna Brunstein, invited me to an exhibition there, it seemed like a coincidence to be invited to the same place twice by different people, and so went along.
The exhibition featured 5 artists.
The building is on Lower Borough Walls, opposite the Lion and Lamb pub.
 Below is part of Lorna Brunstein's video installation featuring the inside of her grandparents house in a village in Poland before they were arrested by the Nazis in the second world war.
 Below Lorna talking to two visitors:
 And below 2 more photos of the exhibition which runs until the 6th October.

Lorna's website:
gives a lot more information than this brief over view.

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