Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Juliet Wood's Exhibition, 'Alone and Together, Brunel's People,' at Artsite runs until the 5th of October

This excellent exhibition can be seen at Artsite until Saturday afternoon, if you haven't been to see it, it's worth a trip down to Theatre Square during the day to have a look. Here's a copy of the poster giving the details:
The portrait master class mentioned will be happening on Saturday 5th of October, and is I think fully booked, but presumably people can still view the exhibition that day.
The Private View for the exhibition was held last Friday evening, and was an excellent chance to have a look at the paintings and talk to Juliet Wood about her work which is a series of drawings and paintings of customers in McDonalds. A light hearted look suggests there are some very young, attractive female customers, with male customers tending to be older and less well presented, the exception being the male staff working behind the counter
Here are a few photos:
 Juliet in the foreground, and Paula taking photos in the background.
 Another view of Paula taking photos.
 Above, one of my favourite paintings, what appears to be two gloriously portrayed women talking to each other.
 Above and below a couple of general shots, and Declan taking photos.
More on Juliet on her website

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