Sunday, 27 October 2013

Morning Glory Magic and a New Sort of Rudbeckia Flower

It's almost the end of October, we haven't had a frost and many days have been pleasantly warm and almost summery. In the garden, the Morning Glory flowers are still numerous, with as many as 10 this morning.

The other endlessly fascinating plants in the garden are the Rudbeckias, I sowed some annual ones 2 years ago, they have been through the composting system and now seeded throughout the garden. Maybe the seeds were F1 hybrids which don't breed true, or maybe they have been crossed with perennial Rudbeckias because there is a great variety of flower colours and sizes. Today I discovered a totally new 'frilly' flowered Rudbeckia:
Totally unlike any of the others which look like this:

As you can see, there is quite a range within the normal flower type.
maybe this perennial Rudbeckia had an influence:
This summer Rudbeckia Cherry Brandy may also have interbred with these flowers, so next year will produce even more interesting flowers I hope.
What will St Jude, the expected storm, do to these gorgeous flowers still blooming into late autumn?

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