Friday, 4 October 2013

Separate Ways: anthology readings with BlueGate Poets and Tamar Yoseloff at the Museum and Art Gallery

This event was held on Thursday 3rd October 2pm-3pm, poets gathered in May in the gallery and wrote poems in response to particular paintings, their resulting poems have been published in an anthology titled 'Separate Ways'.
Hilda Sheehan opened and compered the event as artists read their poems beside their selected work of art.
 Above Hilda opening the event, and below reading her poem
 And below Gavin Salisbury, reading his poem
I didn't take nay photographs of Tamar Yoseloff reading her poems because I wanted to concentrate, and the sound of photographs being taken makes it very hard to concentrate on the poems. It was a brilliant event despite the lack of credible photographs.

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