Thursday, 21 November 2013

Billy Beaumont at the Post Modern Gallery, Artsite in Theatre Square

Billy Beaumont has an exhibition at the Artsite Gallery for 3 more days, Friday 22nd, Saturday and Sunday. It's well worth going to have a look at his paintings, including Billy's Mona Lisa we used to advertise SOS in the Literature Festival brochure several years ago which is not for sale. Plenty are for sale, this is what is on the four walls:

And more of a taster, a few close ups:
Guess who?.
 'Madame Flutterby Queen Bee Ladybird' NFS

 'You Bring out the Gypsy in me' Oil and acrylic on canvas

 'Punk Girl' mixed media on raw canvas NFS

 'Mermaid'  oil and acrylic on canvas
I bought 7 fabulous postcard views of 'Swindon's Character' , views of Swindon which are really well thought out as regards composition. Do ask about them when you go and see the exhibition.
For more on Billy Beaumont, have a look at his website: and I am hoping he will be taking part in Open Studios next year so you will be able to visit his studio.

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