Monday, 11 November 2013

Changing the Swindon Open Studios Exhibition in the top bar of the Beehive

Andy Mercer, landlord of the Beehive has been kind enough to allow Swindon Open Studios artists to exhibit their work in the top bar for the last couple of months.
It has worked very well with a few sales being made, but now it's time for a bit of a change round, so the 'corporate image' provided by having similar frames of the same dimensions has gone. We are now having smaller pieces and more of them.
Tim Carroll has replaced his water colour with  some of his ever popular transfer prints featuring the Beatles and Marilyn Monroe in Swindon.
and Jane Milner-Barry has four of her gorgeous local scenes painted in oil on board:
 You can't really see them very well because of reflections
 Above is a close up of Christ Church in the snow, and below all 4 paintings on the wall besdie Gordon Dickinson's David Bowie picture.
Also in the Beehive, Pat Mather is exhibiting in the bottom bar:
 This is her work on the left of the window:

 And on the right, she has a selection of life drawings:
Also completely unrelated, I cut some quinces up to make quince jelly and discovered these lovely structures inside:
The top one is cut vertically and the one below horizontally.

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