Sunday, 17 November 2013

Library Celebration Day 14th of November

It was not only 5 years of the new Central Library being open that was being celebrated on Thursday, but also 70 years of libraries in Swindon.
Many events had been organised and there was an air of celebration with a couple of musicians playing in the background entertaining people in the cafe:

At 1.15pm, Colin Curtis, events manager in the library thanked people for coming along:
And then introduced the person on his left in the photo who explained what a wonderful influence Roger Trayhurn, who had worked in Swindon Libraries for 46 years before his recent retirement, had been on his and many others library careers.
He then explained that Roger was going to be presented with a print of a portrait painted by Tim Carroll of him outside the library. Here are a few photos of Roger and Tim together with the print. Roger Wintle is also busy taking photos and has some of Roger outside the library with his picture in the position where the picture was painted.

Roger Wintle's photos of the event can be viewed here :
The Opening Night of Tim Carroll's exhibition in the library Gallery went really well, was well attended and thoroughly enjoyable. I was so busy pouring drinks and supplying nibbles, I forgot to take any photos.

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