Friday, 8 November 2013

Looking around the Subscription Rooms and Landsdown Gallery in Stroud and More.

The day started at Swindon station with a remarkable coincidence, the work at the station under the 'Art Everywhere' scheme, Edward Burra's 'Snack Bar' 1930, featured in the first blog article of this blog on the 16th of January 2012, and is the last image used on the 2011 blog.
Not a good photo, but an excellent painting.
The first stop from the train was the Stroud Subscription Rooms, an impressive building in the centre of Stroud housing an Information Centre, a theatre, classes and a fabulous exhibition space. This week there's an exhibition entitled 'Local Artists, Affordable Art', those taking part are: Christina Bingle, Noela Bewry, Maggie Shaw, Alison Vickery and Galina Gardiner.
The exhibition space is light and airy, and large enough to feel expansive.
 I've included photos of each wall.
 Above you can see some of Alison Vickery's glorious paintings.

I took a few close ups of Alison's flower paintings, featured below, and hovered over a gorgeous print which I nearly bought, but it was raining quite heavily outside. I am looking forward to seeing Alison's garden during next years Stroud Open Studios, she apparently paints flowers in her garden.

From the Sub Rooms, we went on to lunch at Mills Cafe which when Googled has some comments about the high price of the food, which was delicious. There was art and poetry on the walls, most of which had sold.

And some lovely art deco lamps:
And stained glass windows:
 The second exhibition space was the Landsdown Gallery in front of Stroud church:

Ray Hedger, was exhibiting there along with Robin James
Ray a Swindon born artist, produces large visions of places:
 like 'Severn Dusk' above, and various others:

As well as wood engravings, including one of Faringdon Folly:

He also had produced some watercolour and wax landscapes.
 Robin James had some very intricate mosaics on display, these above are entitled 'Night and Day' and were produced for a flower show I think.
Two more things which caught my eye before catching the train home were a terracotta mosaic of the Buildings of Stroud:

And also Ye Old Painswick Inn with lovely stone detail, now an undertakers.

Another coincidence if anyone has made it down here, is that my friend Carole used to sit next to Alison Vickery years ago in an office.

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