Friday, 1 November 2013

Walking from Swindon to Brinkworth

The bus services from Swindon to the surrounding areas are very good, you can go in any direction from the bus station. It can be good though to walk out to a particular destination and get the bus back, and so it proved on Wednesday, a wonderfully sunny day. The goal was to arrive in Brinkworth for 12.30pm; I looked up a walking route by Google maps, they suggested a mainly direct, road route and said it was about 10.5 miles. Using footpaths was maybe a longer route, more like 12 miles and would take about 4 hours allowing for getting lost, so an 8.30am start was a good idea, although it was more like 8.45am after a bit of looking for keys etc.
The first part of the route was along the old railway line, along the path beside the A 3102 to the M4, under the road to Freshbrook, and then taking the road to Hook shown on the map as a suitable road to cycle along. We got lost in Freshbrook, because many of the pedestrian signs are very old and hard to read, and sign post the main shopping centres. Once on the road to Hook, we realised it was very busy and just wide enough for 2 cars.
Never mind, there was a restaurant in Hook which had been a village school which looked lovely, although the bollards are a distraction in the photograph:
From here it was a short walk to a T junction and the end of the road walking and onto footpaths.
Behind the village hall and quickly into small woods where I saw a lovely spindle tree:
It's not possible to see this because the day was too bright.From there we walked beside Frith Copse, through Koffs Farm where we had to walk behind quite a large bullock and then beside Cowleaze Wood and across the road to Webb's Wood which is glorious and well worth a visit:

Turning left out of Webb's Wood, looking for a right turn along a green lane we found we were on the edge of the village:
 Just look at the green lane leading to Bellamy's farm:
 It was then a left and a right turn and we reached our destination at amazingly 12.30pm
 The apples are cropping heavily this year, these Spartan apples were still clinging on to the tree:
 The bus ride back took about 30 minutes,a nd on arrival home, I was struck by the delightful Fuchsia in the front garden, so many flowers:
 And today, the 1st of November, there was a Passion Flower just opening:
The route would have been better through Lydiard Park and then onto Lydiard Millicent and Lydiard Green and then onto the footpaths apparently.
Where next?

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