Sunday, 10 November 2013

Winter Wonders a New Group Exhibition at the Landing Arts Gallery at the Arts Centre

Jaime Bullock has organised a very varied and interesting exhibition at the Arts Centre on Devizes Road; the opening was last night, here's the poster:
Molly Baker-Stewart was exhibiting her miniatures in bottles, I hadn't seen them before, they are really nicely done. I liked the bee which vibrated above a flower in a convincing way when the jar was moved. It now resides with my other art pieces. The jars are £10 each and the other small objects 30p each. Here they are on a plinth:
 And here's the bee on the flower:

I was also very impressed by Frederico Alves' jewellery
Clicking on the link takes you to his Facebook page, I also have details of his jewellery making parties which I think sounds like a great idea.
This is what was on display:
 Aren't they gorgeous?
This is one of the earrings I bought:
  Below Fred talking to Jaime.
And a couple of general photos:

The exhibition can be viewed during Arts Centre opening hours, it's well worth a look.

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