Sunday, 1 December 2013

Batsford Arboretum - there were still some leaves on the Trees last week.

Batsford Arboretum is one of the best places to visit for a relaxed day out.
There's the walk around the woods, with the acers and beech woods probably the most splendid trees at the moment, although the Rowans are also splendid with various colours of berries from deep crimson to light pink.  The red barks of the Cornus shrubs are pretty spectacular as well.
Firstly the red acers:

 And the Browny yellow acers:

And the rowans:
 The red berried ones:

 And the lovely pink berried one:
Great labelling so you know when the tree was bought and what variety it is:
After the walk round among the trees, there's an excellent menu in the restaurant where you can choose from 4 main cooked courses made on the premises or have sandwiches freshly made for you. Followed by a choice of cakes and homemade biscuits. There's also an excellent shop, garden centre and my favourite place, The Applestore where you can buy a huge range of vintage items. Have a look at their website to find out more:

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