Sunday, 1 December 2013

Good to see Ken White's Paintings in the Window of the Red Rag Gallery in Bath

The Red Rag Gallery in Bath is on the corner of St. Margaret's Buildings, a gem of a street away from the hustle and bustle of the main streets. Last week when taking a closer look at these shops, I noticed the Red Rag Gallery had Ken's work on display, doesn't it look good?:

The gallery is very near the Circus, another area well worth looking at even with the leaves having almost completely fallen off the trees:

The houses around look good as well, but the trees are so beautiful.
This area is called Upper Town, and this is what the Bath City website says about it:
'Head further up town towards the Royal Crescent and discover Margaret's Buildings, a charming pedestrianised lane tucked away between the Royal Crescent and the Circus'.
After the rarified atmosphere of 'upper town', the Christmas Market seemed very busy and not nearly as relaxing:

 There's lots to see of course, but it's a bit of a scrum.

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