Saturday, 28 December 2013

Parsnips from the Allotment are really Worthwhile

Preparing for the Christmas dinner gives the planner a lot to think about, but it's worth it, because afterwards you don't need to think about cooking anything for ages as the leftovers are mopped up.
This year, the succulent turkey came from Wilson's butcher in the High Street, instead of coming from Berry's in Wroughton for many years. I was sad to desert them, but Mr Wilson is so good, and I could walk home with the turkey instead of getting the car out to collect it on Christmas Eve.
I was reminded that I needed parsnips as an accompanyment, and although by some they are considered as potatoes in disguise and not worthy of a place beside the turkey in the roasting dish, others love them. The easy route to roast parsnips would have been to buy pre washed, packaged parsnips, but I have some on the allotment. Initially I was dubious about whether there were any there, and it was too late to go and buy them:
 There are a few leaves, but not much evidence of parsnips, but when I dug them up:
 They were great, a bit mis-shapen, but plenty to eat, including a very long one
And after a bit of soaking and scrubbing, they look great:
And the taste was wonderful, well worth the effort and a reminder of how good home grown, organic veg is to eat.

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