Thursday, 12 December 2013

Rabley Drawing Centre is on Our Doorstep

The Rabley Drawing Centre was founded in 2004 by its Director, Meryl Ainslie MA. It is a research and exhibition centre specialising in drawing, print and works on paper, with an established drawing school and print room.
It has an ongoing exhibition programme of international artists, currently there is an exhibition of work by Emma Stibbon RA entitled 'Terra Infirma' - A landscape in flux, drawings of Iceland.
It runs until the 20th of December, and is well worth seeing, do have a look at the website for more information:
I visited last Sunday when there was an Artmas Fair of prints, ceramics and textiles in the Rabley farmhouse. There are 2 more days of Artmas, check the website for details.
Details of the courses appear on the website as well.
If you haven't been, do go and have a look, it's a real treat, set in the most glorious countryside where tracks are more prevalent than roads.
 Above the car park and drawing rooms, below the gallery space in the barn, and to the right, the farmhouse

Above and below an attractive tree stump

And last but not least, there were red kites flying overhead

Arriving on foot would be possible, but it's basically a left turn off the main road into Marlborough from Swindon, and then follow the brown signs.
After Christmas, in January and February, visits to the drawing centre are by appointment only, please have a look at the latest communication from there:

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