Monday, 2 December 2013

Swindon Viewpoint is 40 years old, and celebrating with a Grand Benefit Concert

Swindon is home to Britain's longest running Community Television service.
Swindon Viewpoint aims to be our focal point for the visual life and times of our area, as recently as last Thursday, Martin and Hannah Parry were filming the SCAN debate in the Pilgrim Centre about creating a green economy in Swindon: moving towards a more sustainable future, and before that I saw them at the core, filming the launch of their art gallery. A visit to their website will reveal all the other events they have attended and documented on film.
To celebrate their 40 years, they are holding a Grand Benefit Concert on 20th December at MECA starting at 7pm, there's a great line up:
 There's also a great display in the Central Library giving more information about Swindon Viewpoint:

And some great photos:

Above the original Viewpoint staff in 1973
And Rupert Kirkham looking like that guy from Tomorrow's World
The Big Arts Day in 2012 with Nudy Bronque playing.
And then a photo of Tim Carroll in the back garden talking to Ana Kelly during Open Studios, with a wasp's nest clearly on show in the right hand corner.

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