Monday, 30 December 2013

The 200 year old Beech Tree in Ladder Lane

Ladder Lane near Wroughton is an ancient cart track used to transport people and materials between Marlborough and North Wiltshire. It seems like the quickest route onto the Ridgeway from Swindon, and a good starting point for a walk  to Avebury. At the top of Ladder Lane, there is an ancient beech tree, thought to be 200 years old, and pictured in the Wroughton Timberland Trail information.
Sadly it became diseased, weakening some of the trunks, and has had to be felled, leaving a still majestic trunk:

It's amazing to look at despite being mostly felled.
Two other old trees on the Lawns have succumbed to the storms and blown over, here's a Holm Oak which is at the entrance to the Lawns from High Street:
 The trunk had been set on fire at some stage and there was very little root left.

 I'm not sure what this one was, it looks as though the trunk split leaving a majestic spire:
 And here it is from the other side, someone had left an empty bottle of water in the hollowed out trunk.

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