Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Tim's Christmas Open Studio with Mince Pies

Last Sunday, Tim Carroll opened his studio to show his latest ceramics, it was a lovely day with lots of friends staying to eat mince pies and chat.
I made 84 mince pies on Saturday and photographed them because I felt to make that many in one go was  an achievement in itself:
Tim's pottery looked like this, masses crammed together:
With a few individual views:
 Angels above and wall hung faces below:

 The gorgeous porcelain pots, above small ones and below a larger one depicting a glorious Greek scene:
 A particular favourite below, 'Blackbird among Horsechestnut leaves'.
 And afterwards, there were a few pieces left, but many had found new homes.

And there were 9 mince pies left, all the wine needless to say had been drunk as well.

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