Wednesday, 22 January 2014

A Day Out with a non Muddy Country Walk, Lunch and some Afternoon Interest.

OK where would you go with these criteria to satisfy in January?
There are lots of wonderful places to walk around Swindon, but away from traffic and not muddy, harder to find. Then I remembered Cirencester Deer Park, owned by Lord Bathurst, but open to the public, has a tarmac driveway for much of it's first part, along with interesting features like follies and stone gate posts and an ever lengthening horizon beckoning the walked further and further. The path ends at the fabulous Daneway pub at the other end of the canal tunnel to Sapperton, we didn't walk that far this time, just circled round Ivy House beside the oldest polo ground in the country:
 This is the wonderful old tree beside the stables, and below the stables with a useful mounting block:
 Below a close up of the central part of the stables
 And round the back at the entrance to Ivy House, there were some delightful stone planters:
 Below a general view of the park:
 On leaving the park, are these fine barracks built around 1845:
 Further along the road, I was attracted by many of the houses, this one in particular was very attractive:
 Cirencester is thronging with all sorts of places to have lunch, so my guests were still remaining happy with their day out. For me, the day was made by finding the most fabulous wool shop which sells 100% pure wool of all colours and thicknesses. What was really impressive though was Alpaca from Minety see below:
 And Shetland Wool from Lambourn sheep!

More about the wool shop, it's called Three Sheep Wools owned by Deb Richardson, at 5 The Wool Market, Cirencester GL 7 2PR

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